Sharons Grooming School ‚Äč      




Dog/cat Grooming 

All sizes and breeds

Nail trims

Bath and tidies 

flea baths

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  • hair coloring 
  • Flea/tick removal
  • Lion cut - cats 
  • Nail trim 
  • Bath and tidy

  • Shave and style 
  • Scissor cut 
  • Breed specific styles

About Us 

At Sharon's grooming school our goal is to provide 100 % hands on training from the moment you start the course to the moment you have completed the course. we will work one on one with each student so you can excel. We allow plenty of time to work at a easy comfortable pace.  We not only want you to continue on in your career as a dog groomer but to become your very own boss as well. we will teach you how to work from home and what it takes to start your own business if you want to take your career one step further!