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"Choosing this school has changed my life in so many ways. I am now a confident certified groomer and have started my own business. The teachers and mentors are extremely patient and always makes sure you are learning the techniques correctly. It was the most fun I've ever had being in a "school" environment and was extremely sad to graduate!! (Funny as that sounds!). While building my business after I graduated, I had a lot of support and motivation from my teacher. To this date I am still in touch with my teachers. They are always there for me when I have questions or concerns about my grooming business or even just to say hello! I would recommend this school to everyone that has a passion for animals and would like to pursue a career in Dog Grooming!"

Shawna Butland 

"I'm a shy little girl and as soon as i started the course i couldn't have feel more at home and at ease than i was at Sharon Grooming school. I learn more than i could of imagine in the environment of a "groomer's day to day life" . I don't regret taking this course and i'm sure it's gonna help me start a good life with my first business as a dog groomer!"

Marie-Peir Boudreau

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